Power to your coffee business

Power to your coffee business

Connect is the telemetry system developed for connecting and making a simple analysis of all relevant data generated by a single coffee machine or an entire set of machines. Whatever your target market, now is the time to transform your business into a data analytics-based one to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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Intuitive user experience

Connect by Egro means powerful analytics for everyone, which is why the dashboard is designed in a way that makes it intuitive and easy to learn.

Just-in-time quality control

Gain control over grinding parameters, brewing time and recipe settings to preserve product consistency and maintain a high level of in-cup quality for all beverages in your menus.

Predictive maintenance

Check the status of your machine and get up-to-date information to prevent machine downtime and anticipate spare part requirements.

Cut service costs and save time

By remotely identifying customer issues you can obtain a higher First Time Fix rate, minimize unnecessary on-site interventions, and close most of the tickets with phone calls.

Trends and insights

Recognize peak sales times, discover customers preferences, predict longtime trends, and hidden insights from your whole coffee business in minutes.

On-screen advertising

Wherever you are, via Connect you can run advertising, display promotions, and share videos on the screens, just in one location or in all of them.