Bakery & PASTRY

Egro fully automatic coffee machines are the right choice if you are planning to expand your activity, diversify your products, or gain new customers.

Beyond Baking

Today’s bakeries are many things in one: pastry shop, bistro, retail store. There are no distinctions any more. All commercial spaces now have a coffee stand and work for breakfast, lunch, and also the cocktail hour.

Your Path to Effortless Coffee Service

Choose Egro for your coffee service. You will no longer need a professional barista behind the counter and you can reach new goals without having to worry about the investment.

Match Coffee to Your Bakery's Flavors

Personalise your coffee menu to accompany your crisp, delicious oven-baked products and automatically prepare espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and any type of drink based on fresh milk.

Our solutions for bakeries AND pastry shops


Prepare drinks and configure the settings just as you would with a smartphone, thanks to the touchscreen interface.

Fresh milk-based drinks

Personalise each recipe and offer customers a complete coffee menu. You can adjust the temperature and milk frothing level for each drink and even work with two different types of fresh milk.

Easy to use and
to maintain

Just tap to make a coffee, tap again to access the internal components, and wait a few minutes to complete the cleaning cycle.

Space Saving Design

Choose an Egro coffee machine if you are looking for a space-saving solution. They guarantee the highest quality in the least counter space.


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