Coffee technology

Egro fully automatic coffee machines are designed to offer the most advanced technologies in coffee extraction and all the barista’s art and professionalism just a click away.

From the coffee bean to the cup, quality is always at hand.

Egro’s super-automatic coffee machines take care of coffee beans at every stage of preparation, from grinding to extraction water temperature. Our technologies transform the barista’s art into an automatic process, guaranteeing taste, freshness, and the highest repeatability.

Smart grinding

Self-adjusting grinding (SAG) is the smart grinding system capable of correcting possible changes in the quality of the coffee in real time, guaranteeing excellent grinding and constant dispensing, cup after cup.

Total control over all coffee extraction parameters

Personalise your coffee recipes from the interface and update your coffee menu at any time. A simple touch is all you need to choose ingredients, regulate doses and the degree of self grinding, choose the pressing level, and activate the pre-infusion.

Dual boiler technology

Two independent boilers for coffee preparation and steam dispensing with the possibility of setting different temperatures to always obtain the best, whether for steam dispensing or coffee extraction.

Long-lasting parts and high-quality materials

The stainless steel group head guarantees high performance and maximum reliability. It is available with dispensing chambers of different capacities to prepare a large variety of coffee recipes. The airtight Dura Brew closure reduces routine maintenance of the group head and overall costs of using the machine.

Freshness and variety for your coffee menu

Work simultaneously with different types of coffee beans and instant products to create a rich, varied coffee menu. All hoppers in the Egro fully automatic coffee machines can be removed and are equipped with locks.