Quick service restaurant

Egro coffee machines are perfect for fast-food establishments. Automatically prepare delicious drinks in series, even at peak times, without ever sacrificing quality.

Expand Your Drink Menu

Configure your Egro fully automatic coffee machines with add-ons and milk fridges and offer your customers a rich, varied menu with drinks based on coffee or fresh milk, instant drinks, hot chocolate, and any type of instant product.

Streamline Operations

Staff turnover is no longer a problem when you choose an Egro fully automatic coffee machines. Drinks are easy to prepare and no professional training is required to prepare premium coffee in the shortest time possible.

Your Customized Coffee Machine Solution

We will guide you in choosing the super-automatic coffee machine that matches your needs and consumption at your business, complete with top-quality post-sales service around the world.

Our solutionS for Fast Food


Choose the icons for your drinks and customise the colours and images. Upload videos and photo slideshows to be displayed on the interface during dispensing or to be used as a screensaver when the machine is not operating.

Add-ons, Fridges and
Payment systems

Configure your fully automatic coffee machines, choosing from among the many add-ons, fridges, and payment systems.

Automatic cleaning

Washing and rinsing cycles for the circuit are easy to activate and complete in just a few minutes.


With the ne iSteam steam wand, you can heat and froth milk automatically, adjusting the consistency of the foam and temperature of the milk using the touchscreen.

Our Machines in FAST-FOOD

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